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Corrective & Functional Training

No one is born with a perfectly tuned biomechanically correct functioning body. That’s why we identify and address these issues during our musculoskeletal evaluation and postural screening prior to working with any of our clients.


BioMechanix Strength and Conditioning Clinic has a team of Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) that specialize on identifying and working with these exact issues. We are not just a group of certified personal trainers but rather much more than you would ever expect.

If you are working with a basic trainer or what we call a “low level fitness instructor” that just throws random exercise at you for no real reason other than make you sweat then you are most likely on the road to becoming a complete biomechanical mess.

Strength and conditioning training does not make any sense if you are not taking some of the following into consideration such as, muscular imbalances, spinal mobility, flexibility, weaknesses, eccentric loading, and compensatory muscle movements. You may find it surprising that you are probably not moving right whatsoever by overusing particular muscles through compensation.


Fact is most people move completely wrong!

How you distribute your own body weight on your feet and spine play an important role on how you move your body and how your muscles act. For example most people distribute too much weight on their lower spine and posterior knees. Over time this causes all kinds of compensatory reactions in the body such as posterior knee pain and instability, low back pain, sciatic nerve pain, and increased lordosis, and in most cases leads to a forward head and rounded shoulders positioning which will throw off any proper movement mechanics of the scapular and shoulder complex, leading to instable shoulders, excessive trap recruitment, poor thoracic spinal mobility, and a multitude of other problems.

Almost everybody who has hired a “basic fitness instructor” or train on their own without proper instruction are gradually destroying their bodies and doing much more damage than good.

At BioMechanix all of our CPT, CES and CSCS staff are all highly trained and each has a specialized background in their profession. All staff receive additional in-house training and after your musculoskeletal evaluation we can decide which type of staff best fits your needs.

Hopefully this will be just a little something for you to consider before you hire someone to place your body into their hands.

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