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RockTape is BioMechanix Strength and Conditioning Clinic’s go to Kinesiology tape. RockTape was developed for athletes and people on the move. Unlike other brands of kinesiology tape RockTape has superior adhesive properties that allow it to stay on for days even if it gets wet. Other brands simply fall off within minutes.

Kinesiology tape was originally developed for use solely in clinical settings with mediocre adhesive properties, due to the patient populations. RockTape is basically the same cotton/elastic blend clinical tape that is breathable, hypoallergenic, latex free, and won’t cause skin necrosis.

We offer RockTape in dozens of colorways and the 4 inch wide tape for larger tape coverage and applications. We also carry Rock Sauce, Rock Sauce Chill and Rock Rub.


BioMechanix has Certified Level 1 and 2 Roc Docs on staff to answer any of your questions regarding RockTape and other RockTape products. We also have instructional step by step kinesiology taping videos on our YouTube channel “BioMechanixLA“.

RockTape2" x 16.4' Tape Rolls$20.00
RockTape H2O2" x 16.4' Tape Rolls$20.00
RockTape Tactical2" x 16.4' Tape Rolls$20.00
RockTape LA Dodgers Logo2" x 16.4' Tape Rolls$22.00
RockTape4" x 16.4' Tape Rolls$40.00
Rock Sauce4 Ounce Bottle$19.99
Rock Sauce8 Ounce Bottle$34.99
Rock Sauce Chill3 Ounce Roll-On$14.99
Rock Rub400gm Tub$35.00

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