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Stretch Clinic

The post workout stretch is one of our clients’ favorite things when they do one-on-one training with us at BioMechanix Strength and Conditioning Clinic. Because of this popularity we offer both 20 and 40 minute stretching sessions with our certified training staff. Full-body stretching is probably the most overlooked part of a balanced strength and conditioning program. As the staff at BioMechanix say: “You simply cannot have good stability without good mobility.”

As your strength train muscles become sore and tight, keeping the muscles within normal flexibility parameters will help your musculoskeletal system be more stable, balanced and symmetrical. Poor flexibility will promote compensatory muscle recruitment and imbalances, which lead to biomechanical breakdown during activity. Not having good mobility, stability and flexibility will prevent you from performing simple exercises such as the back squat with good mechanics and set you up for injury. Stretching also helps decrease the risk of pulled muscles, joint displacement and torn tendons and ligaments.

Our team of professionals will spend time with you using a combination of assisted stretching, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, active isolated stretching and soft tissue mobilization; keeping in mind the body’s myotatic response in relationship to over stretching a muscle.

We will additionally teach you how to do active isolation stretching so you can use this technique on your own. This type of stretching is ideal to perform prior to skiing, surfing, team sports or any other recreational activity. This is one of the most effective stretching techniques you can do and serves as both a warm up and stretching all in one.

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Stretch Clinic Rates:

20 Minute Session$29.00
40 Minute Session$49.00

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