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Independent Trainers

At BioMechanix, we welcome independent trainers to train their clients at our state of the art private training facility in West Los Angeles. Call BioMechanix at 310.837.0512 or E-mail jon@biomechanix.dxpsites.com for more information and to schedule a tour.

See what independent trainers say:

“This is home for me, I don’t know where I’d be without it.”

—  Vinny Parks (CPT)

“The locker rooms are FANTASTIC. They’re so clean.”

—  Kristen Bell

“BioMechanix is like a family. Everyone watches out for each other.”

—  Mark Nelson

“If I designed the perfect training gym, it would be BioMechanix.”

—  Bryan Dodds (CSCS)

“BioMechanix has GREAT contract trainer rates.”

—  Vinny Parks (CPT)

Derek McCormick

“As founder of FIT-PROF and creator of the HEATprotocol, selecting a facility to train my clients is one of the most important decisions I can make. Not only is the quantity and quality of the equipment important, the overall atmosphere must be world class. Clients must feel both comfortable and confident so that their workout experience is efficient and enjoyable. On each of these factors – BioMechanix excels! This is why BioMechanix is the leading private strength and conditioning clinic in Los Angeles and my facility of choice.”

— Derek McCormick, Independent Trainer

BioMechanix Private Training Facility

Our private training facility is clean and well maintained with state of the art exercise machines including the Hoist ROC-IT plate-loaded exercise equipment, free weights, cardio machines and room to move. We are trainer and client friendly with plenty of free and easy in-and-out parking, Wi-Fi, a conference room, kitchen and shower areas.

Elisa Hein, CPT

“When the gym I had been working at suddenly closed, I scoured Los Angeles to try and find a fitness studio that was clean, personal and friendly. Once I walked into BioMechanix I was instantly impressed … the training facility not only beat my first impression but it has far exceeded it. The owners are friendly and very knowledgeable, the gym is clean with modern equipment and the other trainers bring a diverse set of experience and expertise. I feel lucky to have found such great place.”

— Elisa Hein, Independent Trainer

Convenient West Los Angeles Location

BioMechanix is located on National Boulevard right off the Santa Monica Freeway in Palms, convenient for clients who live or work in Culver City, Cheviot Hills, Westwood or West Los Angeles, or for those commuting to Santa Monica or Downtown Los Angeles. View our location map.

Fernando Molina

“BioMechanix offers the best environment, making me and my clients feel comfortable and has the advantages of having all of the extra amenities. As a full-time private trainer I needed a facility that would accommodate my daily needs as well as my clients’ when they train. At BioMechanix I always feel at home. In between clients I’m able to sleep or heat up my food and eat in the kitchen. Out of all the other facilities around the area BioMechanix just made the most sense. My clients are happy here and I’m making better money switching from corporate to private training.”

— Fernando Molina, CES / Independent Trainer

Best Personal Trainers in Los Angeles

BioMechanix personal trainers are professional NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists or Certified Personal Trainers who are up-to-date on the latest fitness equipment, products and techniques. BioMechanix is also a California Education Host Site, so there are always classes available to update and improve your skills.

beachsmile_close up

“Clean, refreshing and impressive! I was on one mission and one mission only, and that was to find the perfect gym for my clients and it had to be the best. I train a variety of clients including celebrities, athletes, seniors and professionals and I was not willing to settle for anything less than a gym that would fit the needs of each client. At BioMechanix I found it all from the moment I walked in! This is the cleanest gym you will ever find and is so well taken care of and maintained. In addition to the best state-of-the-art equipment that is safe on your body, they also provide all the ancillary items I was seeking that can adapt to anyone’s workout. I was so excited and grateful the day I found BioMechanix I even sent my trainer colleagues over to check it out and every single one of them is here now too. If that does not say a lot, I don’t know what else can. Not only am I happy here but all my clients love it too! They get the most out of their workouts, all while feeling comfortable and not intimated. I am so impressed with how professional and cooperative the staff and owners are everyday. They really put in the effort to making BioMechanix the most well-rounded, well-balanced training facility in Los Angeles.”

— Monica Nelson, Independent Trainer

Great Independent Trainer Rates

With monthly, hourly and even half hour-rates, and the option of training up to two clients at a time, BioMechanix has a rate option that will work for you.

Fees For Independent Trainers:

One ClientTwo Clients*
Hour Sessions$18.00$26.00
Half-Hour Sessions$11.00$15.00
Monthly$675.00Hourly rates apply**


* There is a two client limit per training session. No exceptions.

** All training clients are required to pay a $15.00 per month facility fee.

** Monthly payments do not include two clients per session. The balance per session must be paid in addition to monthly rate. Monthly payments are good for an unlimited number of sessions, for all of the trainer’s clients during the month paid for. If you do more than 44 sessions with your clients a month, then paying a monthly fee is sensible. The once-a-month fee includes all of your clients’ sessions for the month.

Clients of contracting trainers may use the BioMechanix facility on non-training days for a $15.00 day usage fee, or pay $79.00 per month for unlimited monthly usage. The $79.00 monthly fee includes the $15.00 facility fee.

If client is under the age of 18, they must have a parent or guardian sign release waiver for them. A certified trainer must accompany training clients under the age of 18 at all times.

Strength & Conditioning

In Dr. Perry’s Building
Top Floor
3283 Motor Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90034
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