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BioMechanix founder Jon Torerk, CSCS

After years of working in the sports medicine field, Jon founded BioMechanix Strength and Conditioning Clinic to enable his clients to regain their physical capabilities and surpass their previous levels of physical conditioning.  Jon’s vision was to open a Strength & Conditioning Clinic armed with CSCS professionals, the highest level of trainers in the industry.

As an expert level Downhill and Freeride mountain biker; and a Mogul, Tree and Cliff Skier, Jon is exposed to a very high risk of injury, and exceptional level of physical and mental stress. Much of his own training is sport specific and includes power, strength, anaerobic endurance, high impact plyometric, and proprioceptive components.

All of which have been implemented to enhance the training programs at BioMechanix.

This training has been so successful, that despite incurring numerous acute trauma injuries such as, acromio-clavicular separations, torn rotator cuffs, multiple bilateral sacroiliac joint separations, patellar tendonitis, several herniated lumbar disks, concussions and unconsciousness, he is still riding at a highly competitive level with absolutely no reservation.

These advanced training routines that have enabled Jon to recover time and again, form the cornerstone of BioMechanix.

Log Teeter Totter Ride

East Coast Daffy

Ladder Drop

20 Foot Double, Rocky Peak Park, Ca.