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BioMechanix is a West Los Angeles based Strength and Conditioning Clinic, where each individual has the opportunity to work one-on-one with a NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). In the past, this level of training has been the exclusive realm of professional athletes, where CSCS professionals specialize in periodized Strength and Conditioning Programs to optimize an athlete’s level of performance and injury prevention.  CSCS professional trainers are the absolute highest level of trainer you can work with and we take pride in the fact that BioMechanix Strength & Conditioning Clinic has more CSCS professionals on staff than any other West Los Angeles training center.

Evaluation and Customized Programs

Prior to training, each client undergoes a comprehensive fitness evaluation, which may include a Functional Movement Screen (FMS), submax VO2 cardiovascular test, posture assessment, musculoskeletal evaluation, full body flexibility assessment, body composition, strength test, medical history, and physical activity screening.

The results from each evaluation allows us to identify any structural or functional concerns the client may need. Then they are used to develop a customized solution to effectively and efficiently address the physical and mental challenges of the client, along with their goals and specific needs.  Most clients have some type of structural concern that they are not even aware of.  We evaluate how each client moves mechanically and often times we find that most clients do not move correctly or have poor mechanics while walking up stairs.  Often times while we observe upper body mechanics many times we find that clients do not push or pull weight correctly by the means of too much trapezius recruitment, or poor scapular stability. We develop each clients program to be tailored specifically to their biomechanical needs and movement dysfunctions and this is what sets BioMechanix apart from other one-on-one training facilities.  At BioMechanix you will work one-on-one with real strength & conditioning professionals with the highest level of credentials not just some low level “fitness instructor”.

Each workout is formulated into a linear or nonlinear periodization training format, so whether clients are just beginners, seasoned athletes, involved in leagues or other pro-amateur level sports, coming back from an injury, post and pre-rehabilitation, or simply want to be fit, they see rapid and profound benefits from this scientific approach to training.

By focusing on the foundations of core strength, dynamic joint stability, functional training, and the proper mechanics of human movement, BioMechanix works to empower clients by elevating their current physical abilities.

BioMechanix is a structured workout designed to maximize a lifelong, intelligent, safe and effective Strength and Conditioning Program.

We also serve as a private contracting gym and we extend an invitation to independent personal trainers, who are welcome to bring in their own clients, and use our facility for their one-on-one training needs.