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One-on-One Training

Reach or regain optimal levels of strength and physical ability. Enjoy being at your ideal weight and size. Meet your goals faster and more sensibly. Avoid overtraining. Learn proper exercise techniques and methods. BioMechanix CSCS professionals train you effectively and efficiently by incorporating functionally sound exercises prescribed for your individual needs.

BioMechanix Evaluation and Customized Programs

Prior to training, each client undergoes a comprehensive fitness evaluation, which may include submax V02 testing, posture assessment, flexibility assessment, strength test, body composition, physical activity screening,  and musculoskeletal history. These results are then used to develop a customized solution to effectively and efficiently address the physical and mental challenges of the client, along with their goals and specific needs.

Then each workout is formulated into a linear or nonlinear periodization training format, so whether clients are just beginners, seasoned athletes, involved in leagues or other pro-amateur level sports, coming back from an injury, or simply want to be fit, they see rapid and profound benefits from this scientific approach to training. By focusing on the foundations of core strength, dynamic joint stability, functional training, and the proper mechanics of human movement, BioMechanix works to empower clients and restore their physical abilities. BioMechanix is a structured workout designed to maximize a lifelong, intelligent, safe and effective Strength and Conditioning Program.

BioMechanix training programs produce these proven results:

  • Increased metabolic rate to burn calories more efficiently.
  • Increased muscle mass as well as strength, power and endurance.
  • Improved balance, mobility and stability.
  • Prevented injuries.
  • Reduced joint and spine pain.
  • Preparation and recovery from musculo-skeletal surgery Improved flexibility through effective stretching techniques.
  • Improved bone density to help combat osteoporosis.
  • Decreased cholesterol and blood pressure.

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