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Independent Trainer Rates

(Fees that independent trainers pay to bring in their clients to train at BioMechanix)
Hourly payments are due at the start of each session. Monthly payments are due at the start of the first session of each month.

One Client Two Clients*
Hour Sessions: $16 $25
Half Hour Sessions: $9 $14
Monthly: $675 Hourly rates apply**

* There is a TWO client limit per training session. No exceptions.

** Monthly payments do not include 2 clients per session. The balance per session must be paid in addition to monthly rate.


There is no membership required for contracting trainers’ clients to buy. Clients are only required to pay a nominal facility usage fee of $15 per month, this includes towels and locker room amenities.

Clients of contracting trainers may use the BioMechanix facility on non-training days for a $15.00 day usage fee, or pay $79.00 per month for unlimited monthly usage.

If client is under the age of 18, they must have a parent or guardian sign release waiver for them. A certified trainer must accompany training clients under the age of 18 at all times.