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Famous 6-Week OUTRAGEOUS Makeover Program

Accelerate weight-loss •  Increase muscle mass •  Reduce body fat •  Minimize stress on joints •  Maximize results

How the FAMOUS 6-Week OUTRAGEOUS Makeover Program works:
1. In just 2 hours each week for 6 weeks, a BioMechanix certified trainer puts you on our special Roc-It machines. 

PLUS: 2. You get a complete nutrition program from our Registered Dietitian – and weekly coaching sessions.

PLUS: 3. You have an UNLIMITED membership to our sparkling clean, state-of-the-art center with luxury locker rooms.

PLUS: 4. You will love being here, guaranteed! We are friendly, fun and family-owned.

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 WAIT A MINUTE! If you think you’re too out of shape, or too old, to even think about this type of program, let me reassure you that as health professionals we have “seen it all” and encourage you to investigate our unique approach before believing this is not for you. Many of our clients are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s and then, some!

Injury? If you’ve had an injury, strain, or joint replacement: We have specially trained pre- and post rehabilitation specialists to work with you using scientifically designed protocols to give you optimum results.

“I call BioMechanix Strength and Conditioning  Clinic, ‘The Heavy Metal Machine’ because our professional quality machines do the work with you. Don’t be intimidated by the way they look, it’s the way our machines MOVE with your body,  that produces OUTRAGEOUS results.” 

Jon Torerk, CSCS, BioMechanix Founder

Email edwin@biomechanix.dxpsites.com or CALL (310) 837-0512 to make an appointment! With 30 trained specialists, we will make the perfect match for you.