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Pre/Post Rehabilitation Strength Training

At BioMechanix pre and post rehabilitation training is one of our specialties.  Training with our staff Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) is the best course of action you can take to fully recover from your injuries, in fact the greatest potential for complete return to function may depend on training with a CSCS professional.

Our Strength & Conditioning Specialists will go over your injury in detail and explain the course of action to be taken in your training program.  Unlike most trainers that would typically avoid working with your injuries we will work on targeting those areas specifically. We will also contact your Physical Therapist to gather as much information on the treatment and therapy protocol used. This will allow us to get on the right track to full recovery and evaluate the proper rate of progression with your strength and conditioning program.During your first visit you will undergo a comprehensive fitness evaluation, which includes a posture assessment, musculoskeletal evaluation, full body flexibility assessment, body composition, strength test, medical history, physical activity screening, heart rate, blood pressure, and if applicable a submaximal V02 test.

These results allow us to identify any structural or functional concerns the client may need. Then they are used to develop a customized solution to effectively and efficiently address the physical and mental challenges of the client, along with their goals and specific needs.Most clients have some type of structural concern that they are not even aware of.  We evaluate how each client moves mechanically and often times we find that most clients do not walk correctly or have poor mechanics while walking up stairs.  While we observe upper body mechanics many times we find that clients do not push or pull weight correctly by the means of too much trapezius recruitment, or poor scapular stability. We develop each clients program to be tailored specifically to their biomechanical needs. This is what sets BioMechanix apart from other one-on-one training facilities.The goal of a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist professional trainer is to achieve maximal physical performance without incurring injury, and to help prevent unnecessary performance related injuries.  Did you know that Strength and Conditioning Specialist are present on ALL professional and college-level sports teams, right along side of the team physician, athletic trainer, and sport psychologist? In order to be a Strength & Conditioning Specialist on any professional team they must possess at least an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology or Exercise Physiology and the NSCA CSCS credendial.  The Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist professional possesses an extensive understanding of the role bio-mechanics play in a variety of sports and other activities. Allowing them to recommend exercises for advanced training, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of many injuries, due to their distinct responsibility in many athletic settings, physical therapy, pre and post physical therapy, orthopedic surgery, athletic injury, and cardiac rehabilitation.