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Weight Loss

BioMechanix Strength & Conditioning Clinic
Weight Loss.

Are you tired of being out of shape and overweight? At BioMechanix our clients come for many reasons and weight loss is among the top of them.

Some of the biggest and common mistakes people make on their quest to lose weight is to just go to the gym, doing a lot of cardio, abdominal work, and drastically cutting down on calories to fast. Many people are guilty of just doing isolation or spot training such as numerous amounts of sit-ups, and glute-kickbacks.

Not that this is completely wrong but ONLY doing cardio and isolative muscle work WILL NOT GET YOU AMAZING RESULTS!  You need to include compound multi-joint movements in order to burn calories more efficiently and in order to get you to reach your goals, you need to incorporate the following:


*Balanced and clean diet that you can maintain for life
*Structured strength & conditioning program
*Cardiovascular routine that involves interval training
*Structured flexibility routine
*Supervised training program with a qualified strength & conditioning specialist

Having a structured and planned exercise regimen will get you the results you want. Just doing cardio will not get you there and it does not build LEAN FAT BURNING MUSCLE TISSUE!


By engaging in a strength & conditioning program you will make your body stronger and a more efficient fat burning machine. By increasing your lean muscle mass your body will require more calories just to maintain that newly developed muscle tissue, therefore making your body a FAT BURNING FURNACE.


By the way if you are constantly stepping on a scale to see how much weight you lost, you should know that this is not necessarily an accurate way to measure total fat loss. The fact is that muscle is much more dense than fat which takes up less space in your body.

For example five pounds of fat is about the size of a loaf of bread. Five pounds of lean muscle is about the size of a one-pound stack of sliced American cheese. So the space they occupy in your body is significantly different.

Aside from stepping on the scale you should also consider how your clothes fit and how you look in the mirror.  In time you will notice that that your body does not look the same and your clothes will actually fit you like they were someone else’s.

And another thing you should know is that muscle DOES NOT TURN INTO FAT! That’s like saying an apple could magically turn into an orange, which is simply impossible.

Here at BioMechanix we will set you on the right track of losing that unwanted weight and teach you how to train right. We will guide you along every step of the way, teaching you how to lift weights, exercise, and eat correctly.

So come on in! The new you is eagerly waiting here at BioMechanix Strength & Conditioning Clinic!