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“After 15 years of back pain, I finally feel amazing.” -James Hill

“I lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks!” -Sean Beal-Rosano

“If I designed the perfect training gym, it would be BioMechanix.” -Bryan Dodds (CSCS)

“BioMechanix has GREAT contract trainer rates.” -Vinny Parks (CPT/Director of Training)

“I was in pain for around 10-15 years, and since training at BioMechanix I have been completely pain free.” -David Franklin

“This is home for me, I don’t know where I’d be without it.” -Vinny Parks

“Jon is the best trainer I have ever had.” -Sandy Shapero

“The best thing to me about BioMechanix is the equipment. The first time I came here I started drooling because it was so beautiful.” -John Patrick Kelly (JPK)

“The locker rooms are FANTASTIC. They’re so clean.” -Kristen Bell

“BioMechanix is like a family. Everyone watches out for each other.” -Mark Nelson

I just finished watching your profile on Career Day. I used to work for a PT department in a hospital and have also been a patient of PT. I have often thought how awesome it would be to have workouts and PT combined, with someone to properly oversee and assist me in achieving the best results. I fractured my leg thirty years ago and swear that it must cause many issues that plague me today that I feel could be addressed with something like what you offer. I love what you are doing. I wish I were closer than Northern California, to benefit from your services. Perhaps someday we’ll have something around here to offer what you offer. Just glad to hear someone has brought this great marriage to life. Thank you.

Alyssa McDonald

BioMechanix clients include a diverse group of individuals such as competitive athletes engaged in professional and league-level sports, doctors, lawyers, business professionals, the active over-fifty set, and senior citizens. Many clients have histories of knee and hip replacements, herniated disks, chondromalacia patellae, acromio-clavicular separations, osteoporosis, heart attack and stroke. The following cases are representative of the type of success found with BioMechanix.

“I thought I was never going to get better. For years, I had severe, debilitating pain in my right shoulder. I was referred to Jon after physical therapy. While training with him over several months, my shoulder pain completely disappeared and my stamina and strength skyrocketed. I am amazed at the results, and that they last. Jon is a miracle worker.”

Abigail Agranat
Senior Vice President NYC
Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate

“I’ve worked out with trainers at many places for many years. Jon is hands-down the best trainer I’ve ever had. I have never been in better shape. He wastes no time, pushes you to work at your limit, but has a deep knowledge of the body – so I avoided injury and was able to recuperate completely from some previous injuries: a left ACL repair, low back weakness, and osteoarthritis in my lateral patella femoral compartment. I cannot say enough good things about his training – he’s well worth waking up for at 6 AM, to get in your training before starting work.”

Elisabeth Coleman
Financial Consultant

“As the Director of Physical Therapy at Plus One Physical therapy in SoHo, New York, I worked with Jon for 6 years. He was the most highly requested CSCS in our facility.  He had a consistent record of success with clients of varying degrees of fitness, easily tailoring their sessions to meet their needs and abilities. Jon is extremely talented and able to keep his clients motivated while they work hard. Jon incorporates resistance machines, free weights, manual resistance, plyometrics, and power lifts into his sessions, making them fun and varied.  His clients get the most out of each training session, pushed to their limits, while keeping it safe and effective. I highly recommend him.”

Tamar Amitay, MSPT
Principal Clinical Director
Thrive Integrated Physical Therapy

Growing up I was always very active and participated in gymnastics, tennis, horseback riding, and all types of dancing including: Tap, hip-hop, ballet, jazz and salsa. In 2001 I had a freak accident and herniated two of my discs – L4 and L5 at close to 5 millimeters each. I saw at least three Orthopedic Surgeons and they all told me the same thing which was “you can’t run or spin anymore or do any form of heavy lifting…. If the pain doesn’t go away you have to have surgery.” I felt like my entire world had shattered right before my eyes. Telling me that I could no longer workout was like telling me that I could no longer breathe. My stubborn side continued taking pain killers and walking into the gym and doing whatever in my power to keep my head up high and not make it look like I was injured. I lost over 10 pounds and all my strength was gone. I was mentally, physically and emotionally shot. One of those days I was in the weight room attempting to pick up a 5 pound dumbbell while doing whatever in my little power to avoid more pain. Jon walked over to me with a warm hello and then asked the big question I was afraid of being asked. “You are experiencing back pain aren’t you? I can see that by how you are moving around and lifting weights”. I remember trying to hold back the tears while telling him about my injury. It was then that he took me under his wings and gave me my world back. I have been injury-free for over 5 years now and have never been in better shape. I run, spin, lift, do yoga, wear the highest heals possible, and thank Jon silently each and every day! In all the years I have been training with Jon, I have not injured myself once. He asks me all the right questions and has taken all my weak areas (neck, lower back, knee) and has transformed them to become my strongest! Jon thank you for your continuous support, your guidance, constant concern, patience, enthusiasm, and being my strength when I had none. Most importantly thank you in believing and investing in me. I am forever grateful!”

Much Love,

Mona Makhani
Legal Option Group LLC