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Client: Rina Doost

A 23-year-old female, Rina was initially diagnosed with chondromalacia patellae in her left knee due to a tight illiotibial band and hamstring muscle groups. She was also dealing with decreased hamstring flexibility bilaterally 50 degrees range of motion (40 degrees short of recommended norms), hamstring/quadriceps strength imbalance bilaterally, functional scoliosis, increased lumbar lordosis, genu valgus, and forward head rounded shoulders posture (FHRS).

Treatment history:

Rina was discharged from physical therapy with mild improvement for chondromalacia (2005). Her BioMechanix strength and conditioning program was designed to improve overall fitness levels and knee pain.


  • Increased core strength and lean body mass
  • Decreased body weight from 135 lbs to 123 lbs
  • Increased overall flexibility to functional norms, hamstring flexibility to 90 degrees-40 degree improvement
  • Left knee chondromalacia completely asymptomatic
  • Normal lumbar lordosis with improved posture
  • Performing high level lower body plyometrics with excellent eccentric loading techniques

Strength gains:

  • Pull ups with 70 lbs assistance x12 reps to 8-body weight pull ups with no assistance. Bench press 35×10 to 75 x12
  • Leg press no weight added x15 to 180 lbs additional weight x10
  • Deadlifts 35×10 to 85×12