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Client: Nance Rosen

A 52-year-old female, Nance was initially diagnosed during physical therapy as having degenerative disc disease and C5/C6 (2003), following  lumbar disc surgery (1982, 1992). Her current diagnosis was spinal stenosis, lumbar vertebrae, mild structural scoliosis, and joint hyper mobility in all ranges except cervical vertebrae

Treatment history:

Nance had received cervical rehab at Sibley Spine Center for facet joint syndrome (2005) and moved to BioMechanix in order to participate in a strength and conditioning program in conjunction with physical therapy to improve overall functional mechanics.


  • Increased proximal and distal joint stability
  • Increased core strength
  • Decreased body fat and increased lean body mass (139 lbs to 124 lbs)
  • Pain free in back and neck
  • Improved posture
  • Decreased recurvatum
  • Improved proprioception and eccentric loading techniques

Strength Gains:

  • Squat: 45×10 reps to 115×10 reps
  • Seated rows: 30×12 to 90×10
  • Dumbell chest press: 8×10 to 30×10
  • Front neck pulldown: 30×12 to 80×10
  • Supine leg press: 50×12 to 140×15