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Concerning calories
It’s the quality of food you eat and the metabolic effect they have on your
body that is important, not necessarily the amount of calories. Different
people will have different caloric requirements, based on their activity
levels. When you eat well, typically you can EAT MORE because the foods you
are eating are generally less dense in calories. Eating more than 3 times a
day will help boost your metabolism.

How you eat is key component to maintaining proper weight and athletic
performance. Typically, natural foods with less ingredients in them are
better for you, including eggs, turkey, carrots, and lean beef. Many
so-called health foods in the supermarket have added sugar and artificial
ingredients, so be sure to read the label before consuming.

Eating only once or twice a day will slow down your metabolism. Cutting
calories too far down puts your body in starvation mode and actually makes
your body hold on to fat.

Consuming large amounts of artificial sweeteners also makes your body hold
onto fat, as these substances are stored in your fat cells because your body
treats them as a toxin. Diet soda and artificially sweetened diet foods
should be pretty much eliminated from your diet completely. And, keep your
simple sugar intake low.

On the other hand, your body requires salt. When you exercise you lose
sodium through sweat, so munching on some salty snacks can help replace
electrolytes and reduce muscle cramping.

Your diet should be revolve around an eating plan that you can follow
virtually all of the time. Avoid the fads and temporary crash diets. You
don’t want to subject your body to these crazes. They may leave you with
cravings and a rebound unhealthy weight gain.

About your exercise regimen and more
Exercise habits should be as consistent as your eating and sleeping habits must be, if you’re body is going to work for you. Strength and conditioning doesn’t come from a casual relationship with exercise, neither does the lean body you desire. Remember if you are fat: it took a lot of hard work and time overeating to get there. Don’t expect to get lean overnight. It will take a new mind set, focus, hard work, and discipline to get there.

Eat well, get into a strength and conditioning regimen, and make sleeping a
priority, too. The results will make you not just healthier, but also more
confident and attractive, too.

Jon Torerk, CSCS
CEO and Clinic Director