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I have had the good fortune to cross paths and train with Jin Young who is considered to be one of the best Wing Chun practitioners and instructors today. In fact Jin is invited to many Wing Chun schools all over the world to teach his methodologies and the most efficient ways of performing this martial art, which is essentially “Jin Young’s Wing Chun.”

Jin is the epitome of being humble. He claims that his methods are not necessarily the best ways, but for now a “better way” Jin knows several martial arts but his specialty is in Wing Chun. He is always evolving and mastering his art. As time goes by, he constantly adapts and changes.

When I first met Jin about 9 years ago I was blown away by how efficient his art is. In real life ­ watching him live, not in a video or in anyway enhanced by digital effect, I had had never seen anything like it. In that moment I immediately wanted him to explain and show me exactly what he was doing, but Jin said it was too difficult to explain in a few minutes, because this is an internal art.

By internal art, he means it’s not just striking and blocking. It would take many, many years to master. Wing Chun resonated with me because I knew it to be Bruce Lee’s form of martial art. It is also known as Chinese Gung Fu, which Bruce Lee later used as a foundation to develop his Jeet Kune Do.

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Jon Torerk, CSCS