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Client: Apollo Yiamouyiannis

A 36-year-old male, Apollo was initially diagnosed with a class II left shoulder separation with impingement syndrome (2003) and a fractured scaphoid in left hand (2002). He has a B.S. in Exercise Science, is certified through the ISSA-International Sport Science Association and works as a fitness trainer. He is an expert level cross country mountain biker, snowboarder, competitive amateur bodybuilder, and a sport-class 24-hour endurance mountain bike racer. Apollo is currently preparing to get his CSCS credential and trains with Jon for hands-on instruction and insight into CSCS techniques.

Treatment history:

Released from Physical Therapy for shoulder in 2003 and participated in the BioMechanix program immediately after to improve shoulder stability and increase overall muscle size, strength and endurance. Left hand in cast for several months until healed.


  • Improved proximal stability of shoulder and full range of motion without pain
  • Left hand asymptomatic
  • Increased overall strength and endurance
  • Performing advanced level plyometrics for upper and lower body
  • Decreased overall body fat from 17% to 8%

Strength gains:

  • Squats 275×12 to 315×25
  • Straight bar bicep curls 95×12 to 115×15
  • Front neck pulldown 180×10 to 200×12
  • Bench pressed his body weight 185lbs for 28 consecutive repetitions