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Client: Kenny Howe 89yr old male

An 89-year-old male, Kenny’s initial diagnosis was spinal stenosis, lumbar vertebrae, right acromio-clavicular discomfort, chronic arterial atrial fibrillation regulated by pacemaker (2004, 2007), and a short walking gate. he also had a history of stroke (2007) with paralysis of right side of face and decreased function of right arm and was in a¬†wheelchair as a result because of increased fatigue

Treatment history

Kenny’s program at BioMechanix was a strength and conditioning program designed to improve functional mechanics and metabolic conditions.


  • Limited use of wheelchair
  • Improved walking gate, including elimination of foot dragging due to improved dorsi flexion and hip flexor strength
  • Able to sit and stand on own without assistance and is capable of doing this 15x consecutively
  • Face paralysis almost unnoticeable
  • Capable of 25 minutes aerobic activity on stationary bike at low level with normal heart rate and blood pressure responses
  • Bilateral equal upper extremity strength Improved mental state post stroke with 99% recovery