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This “mechanic” will fine-tune you for high performance.

When we trained with extreme freeride mountain biker Jon J. Torerk,¬†we noticed the sheer drop outside the gym window. “I’d jump that in a second,” he said. “I’ve loved jumping off roofs since childhood.”

So when we learned that the guy is also a top-level trainer with a rep for healing “impossible” injuries, we figured he knows what he’s talking about. We were right:

He’s a body mechanic. Torerk, founder of BioMechanix, tested our posture and flexibility. “Most people who come in have a structural issue,” he explained. He finds out which areas are injury-prone, and builds a customized workout.

He skips the circuit. Instead of circuit training, Torerk offers “super setting,” exercises done back-to-back to build power and joint support. According to Torerk, clients who plateaued years ago see changes after as little as two months of super setting.

He drops it like it’s hot. We experienced “drop setting”: exercising with weights, then removing half the load and repeating the set to build strength and endurance.

He tunes you up. As you work out, Torerk will make targeted, precise adjustments.

We came out ready to roll.

Jon J. Torerk, CSCS, (310) 770-6916. Check out a bike stunt here.