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This time I wanted to write about something different, basically something about a whole lot of nothing, but a break away from the somewhat, or maybe not so technical things that I have been ranting about.

A year ago when I was making desicions about exercise equipment and the layout of BioMechanix, I envisioned it having a SoHo, industrial loft, cool downtown NYC vibe. Being a contract trainer myself, I was never able to find a facility to work in that was comfortable, and where I could stay between clients and not feel awkward.  A priority of mine was to make sure in every way that we were trainer and client friendly, and to make it all about the experience at BioMechanix!

That is why we have a kitchen, break room, conference room with free WiFi, and small lounge for the staff and trainers.  Many of our busy contracting trainers stay here all day, even though they may have a several hour break in between clients.  One of our female trainers comes here and studies! During their down time, you can find them working on their laptops and iPads in the conference room, lounging or sleeping on the couch in the kitchen, drinking coffee or tea, which we brew all day long, or just talking and getting to know one another. All proof that the trainers really do feel at home here. Because this was hugely important to me, I found it very reassuring that I accomplished that goal “to make them feel welcomed” and most importantly, part of the BioMechanix community.

When I was looking at what strength based equipment to buy, I decided to go with the Hoist Roc-it line.  A friend of mine, and trainer here asked me at the time if I had considered Hoist equipment.  It’s funny because it was not a brand I would have even of thought of looking at.  I was under the impression that they only manufactured consumer equipment, and did not realize that they had a commercial based line.  A few weeks later we decided to make a trip to the Hoist manufacturing plant in San Diego, and to say I was blown away is an understatement!  These machines were unlike any other plate loaded or selectorized equipment I have ever seen or used.  When I originally went to their website, I was somewhat skeptical about the equipment actually doing what the manufacturer was claiming it did.

Well, I instantly became a believer! The difference is noticeable the moment you get on them and perform the exercise.   They really do place the majority of the workload on the muscles being used, and alleviate most of the stress on the joints.  These machines were ideal, since the majority of my clients all came to me right out of physical therapy.  When I opened my doors in May 2010, I was the first facility to feature this equipment in Los Angeles, and everybody that tried the Roc-it machines had the same reaction I did. They were simply amazed! These machines are astonishing and nothing short of pure genius.

We also just recently added the Real Ryder spin bike to our facility.  This bike tilts from side to side as you lean and turn the handles. The flywheel is in the back, just like that of a real bicycle. Compared to a normal spin bike, this bike activates more core musculature, simply because it is unstable.  If you pedal out of the seat, or without holding on it simulates the motion of actually riding a bike, more so than any other spin bike that I have tried, because if you don’t engage your core and focus on lower body pedaling efficiency, the bike wobbles. Try riding it with no hands, and steer left to right, it actually responds like a real bicycle while turning without your hands on the bars.  This bike inspired me so much, I’m actually excited about doing cardio indoors again, simply because of the extra fun factor it provides.

I also wanted to make sure I moved into a building, that had it’s own parking, and the option to expand.  We are planning on constantly growing and improving, and learning from the mistakes we have made in the past. Soon we will have Olympic lifting platforms, a sprint track, and even more awesome strength based and cardio equipment. We have the BioMechanix brand planned and thought out well over the next ten years.

Then I’m going to set up a DH/Freeride bike course on the roof, with the course ending with a with a two story drop from the roof, onto a wood ramp in the parking lot. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to do that!  Well OK, maybe that is pushing it a little too far, but it’s always good to dream, and I guess that’s my point of all this. Take your dreams and visions and make them into reality. Keep pushing forward.  Everything you need, to get to where you want is always right in front of you, within reach. You just don’t see it, until you actually take the time to look for it.


Jon Torerk, CSCS, and professional blabbermouth